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The Property Stylists & Co is a proud and driven Property Styling Company with a difference. Operating within the Mornington Peninsula & Bayside, the team specialise in all the pre-sale to “styled” stages of property preparation.

Having the innate ability to see the beauty in every property, we love nothing more than Style, Décor & Budgets- working closely together with each client, to go “above & beyond”, helping to deliver beautifully styled properties at a fraction of the cost.



A styled look for a fraction of the cost.
It is an exciting (and often stressful) time selling your home. Our goal at The Property Stylists & Co is to help guide you through all the pre-sale stages of property preparation. Utilising existing furniture, we give your property that styled look within your budget, to have your house presented and looking its best ready for the market. 

Professionally styled homes sell 30-50% faster and can fetch 7-17% more in profit than un-styled homes in the same market.

$385 inc. GST

This is absolutely perfect for those that love “to-do lists” and are seeking advice on how to best present their homes ready for sale. Providing amazing knowledge of furniture placement to maximise space, what items to keep to style or declutter from the space, and listing items that may bring added increased value of obtained. The client is provided the game changer when it comes to property styling.

  • 1-2hr Consultation with the client in their home, conducting a thorough walk through both internal and external.
  • A comprehensive in-depth style report produced within 24-48hrs detailing works suggested being completed pre-sale/pre-photoshoot.

$765 inc. GST

This is life changing for your home and will present it at its absolute best ready for sale. 

Utilising clients pre-existing furniture, decluttering, moving furniture, and then, the best bit, bringing the house to life with a quick facelift of new décor. Clients love the transformation that takes place, allowing them to continue living in the property whilst the house is on the market, and takes away all the stress and worry in the pre-sale preparation of a property.  

  • 1-2hr Consultation with the client in their home, conducting a thorough walk through both internal and external.  
  • A comprehensive report produced within 24-48hrs detailing works suggested being completed pre-sale/pre-photoshoot. 
  • The purchase of any items required to help stage the property (budget to be outlined by client) the items of which the client redeems along with the receipt of any décor purchased.  
  • 2-5hrs spent staging & styling the property pre-photoshoot or first open day (whichever may come first). 

From $2000 inc. GST

The bells and whistles. Taking all the stress and worry out of presenting a styled home- we complete the styling look for you. Bringing in all the furniture, linens and décor to best present your space.

How we work?


Call the team for a chat, we shall discuss with you the plan that best works for yourself and your home.


Upon visiting your property, a customised proposal is thoughtfully prepared and sent. Once approval is received and proposal is signed, dates are booked in alignment with your timeframe


Our team carefully organises and hand selects all furniture and accessories at our warehouse. Arriving on time to expertly arrange all the furniture, artwork and accessories chosen for your home, staging the property allowing it to shine bright on the market.


Once your property has sold, we organise a time that best suits to collect styling items.


Your house is your home, and creating a space that you love is paramount.

Our Interior styling takes a collaborative approach at designing an inspired new look for your abode. Every project is considered, carefully explored & curated, to present a unique ambiance/feel to your project.  

Inspire people to live their best life with their best home.

Mornington Peninsula interior property stylist

Initial Style Consultation
$242 inc. GST

It begins with an in-home consultation with the client, during which you we discuss your project, talking through the scope of work you are seeking, colours, décor directions, lighting pieces, styling that you wish to see. Once booked in for your consultation, you shall receive style questionnaire to complete. The work begins here, where we begin pre-planning and curating ideas for our initial consultation.

Concept Design
$95 p/h inc. GST

The curation of your ideas- bringing together your vision of your space, which then sets forth the style direction in which we take. Utilising mood boards and style sheets to best present your concepts, we plan for success from the beginning.
Mornington Peninsula interior property stylist

Furniture Procurement
$95 p/h inc. GST

Working in alignment with your style brief and budget, furniture is thoughtfully selected and procured. The sourcing of your pieces takes place from a wide range of stores, ensuring that your styled space is relaxed, comfortable and functional, best suiting for your everyday living needs. Where possible we love to support to support local business.
Mornington Peninsula interior property stylist

$95 p/h inc. GST

Then the fun part begins, bringing your new styled space together. Here we complete all works to dress the space, furniture positioning, décor locations, artwork, adorning the beds with their new linens.

Then all you have to do is sit back and ENJOY your new styled home.


It seems everyone wants to “de-clutter” but who has the time?

Organising zones in your home can be an uplifting experience, even life-changing!

This is where we come in. Decluttering your life and organising those zones in your home that are crying out for some love and attention. We become your biggest advocates, supporting you through each stage of the process.This is truly life transforming. Our personalised services are created to not only transform your home, but your lives.

So why wouldn't you want to make your home a place of organised tranquility?

The Organisation Makeover
$49 p/h inc. GST

Utilising clients pre-existing items, we declutter and organise your chosen space, bringing in new storage solutions if and when required, providing an efficient and user-friendly zone for you and your family.
  • 1 hour consultation with the client in their home conducting a walkthrough and discussing which zones need to be de-cluttered or organised.
  • A comprehensive declutter / organisation plan of attack within 24 hours
  • The purchase of any items required to help with any storage solutions needed for the zones (budget to be outlined by client), the items of which the client redeems along with the receipt of any items purchased.
  • Work completed on an hourly basis depending on client budget, and time taken to complete the chosen zone.
Then kick back and enjoy your Organised space!


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